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  1. OryZen

    April 8, 2012 at 1:13pm

    This may be all for a good laugh, but it might surprise some to learn that many of the current Globalist Banksters share the same bloodline as the bankers who where shown the way out by our brother and master ( Jesus) in the famed story of The Temple Money Changers; but it doesn’t stop there, many of today’s Global Governors -Global Industry and Banking Cartel ie. IMF, BIS, WB- share the same blood line as the Pharisaic Priesthood (Baalite Priesthood) who were responsible for the crucifixion of our master Joshua Ben Joseph (Jesus).

    So you see things haven’t changed that much in the past 2000 od years, globalist still are at the helm of the global mother ship and freethinkers -spirit endowed individuals- are still fighting for our Father’s (God) given rights. Will the next 2000 years see more of the same, or will mankind finally be free from the Evil that plague man’s evolutionary progress?

    For some reason I doubt that man as the inner and intellectual strength to overcome the Globalist Agenda for he has lost his way like a blind child who seeks no wisdom. May our Creative Father First Source and Center may have mercy on us all.

    Hell is about to erupt.

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