Next week I’ll be unemployed (for a week)


Sooner or later, everybody goes through McCann-Erickson

I’m changing jobs! Next week I’ll cease to work at CGD and will move to Washington D.C. to join the World Bank. I am joining the Bank’s new Global Tax Team to help with working ranging from international tax issues (profit shifting, tax havens) to domestic resource issues (tax compliance/morale).

I’ve been at CGD for nearly three years. It has been an amazing place to work and a difficult place to leave.

More difficult will be the reverse culture shock of returning to the US after more than a decade away. Then again, D.C. is the one and only place that I’ve ever been recognized by a complete stranger who reads the blog (which was amazing and something I cling to in my blogging obsolescence). Given the current situation in the UK, this JPEG accurately captures how I feel right now (although I could be eating those words next week):


Speaking of the blog – the plan is to keep things going, even if the rate has been substantially lower than in our years of glory.