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Land tenure can be a touchy issue

It turns out that blogging and research are not complements in the short term, which means that when deadlines approach, blogging slows for a few days as I pour over maps and data from Tanzania. It would be a little bit more fair if I explained what, as a PhD student, I actually do on a day-to-day basis.

Much of my time is spent working on a randomised control trial which is lower the barriers to obtaining land tenure for some residents in the urban slums of Dar es Salaam. We’re trying to figure out if land titling is a feasible activity, what its long term impacts are and what determines the demand.

Unfortunately, I’m too busy to go into much more detail, but can get a good summary of the project from this podcast of Stefan Dercon (my supervisor) and Justin Sandefur of the CGD discussing the project at an IGC conference a few months ago. The corresponding slides (flip through while listening to the podcast) are here.

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