Let them vote with their feet

Thanks to the Roving Bandit, I came across this amazing graphic from Gallup. If you need any more evidence that migration is development, then look at this:


That’s it – over a third of Sub-Saharan Africans would prefer to live elsewhere, permanently. Why don’t we let them? I understand why the bilateral donors say nothing about this, but why don’t the charities take this up as a policy issue? I want to see Oxfam pushing for increased immigration.

Why should we continue to condemn people to shoddy governments, bad climate, meager opportunities and endless experimentation at the hands of (us), the aid community? There’s been a lot of talk recently about allowing the poor to have a greater say in the development agenda. Why not let them do the voting with their feet?

4 thoughts on “Let them vote with their feet

  1. Phil H

    November 6, 2009 at 10:49pm

    While I’m pro freedom of movement, I think it’s really important that movement of skills is also considered when allowing people to migrate freely.

    Take away the stick, you might find you need to replace it with a carrot.

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