Very Childish Tittering at a Very Serious Issue

From our sexual innuendo department, a headline from Uganda’s Daily Monitor:


Uganda Monitor Headline 1

And what stimulated this statement of defiance? The proposed Anti-Homosexuality legislation, in which they propose a *minimum* sentence of life imprisonment for homosexual acts.

Well, at least no-one can accuse them of inconsistency.

(As an aside, I love the fact that this man is the ‘Minister for Ethics and Integrity’. What next, ‘Minister for General Awesomeness’?).

2 thoughts on “Very Childish Tittering at a Very Serious Issue

  1. gulden

    December 8, 2009 at 3:22pm

    I had read this on the actual day it was in the paper. It said more than ‘bending over’. ‘Ugandans aren’t going to engage in anal sex and donors can take their money; we don’t care’. I don’t remember Malawians being so militant and preoccupied with this issue as much as Ugandans, do you?

  2. Ranil Dissanayake

    December 10, 2009 at 6:29am

    Ah, I see, and that was me thinking it was unintentional!

    It wasn’t as public an issue in Malawi, but feelings were strong about it. I remember about 1 year ago, there was an ‘expose’ in one of the Malawian papers (online), and the blog comments were vicious.

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