In go the clowns


I’ve seen some bloggers upset about the mass donation of used shoes to the Haitian crisis. That was only the beginning. Remember Clowns Without Borders? They go to needy locations and… perform.  Chris Blattman waged a bitter war on them last year.

Well now they’ve mobilized, and are off to Haiti. From their website:

All proceeds benefit Clowns Without Borders-USA. This will raise money for sending theatrical teaching and performing groups to Haiti to work with thousands of children who will be in tent camps over the next year.

Children there may not have homes, nor a functioning government, clean water, electricity, hospitals or schools, but at least they’ll have quality clown-based entertainment.

I wonder how long before Operation Sock Monkey or Teddy Bears of Hope starts their air drops.

4 thoughts on “In go the clowns

  1. didier

    February 9, 2010 at 8:04pm

    Can’t be any worse than all the other clowns who get involved in foreign aid. At least they are up front about what they are.

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