Ned Flanders goes to Haiti

Papa needs a brand new... orphan?

"Papa needs a brand new... orphan?"

I presume everyone has heard about the American church group who have been rounding up random kids in Haiti to adopt.

Has the effect of Brangelina and Madonna been to move adoption right up to the top of development responses? I am genuinely shocked. Many of these children apparently aren’t even orphans. What were they thinking?

“Whaddya mean you still have parents? You’re poor, aren’t you? There’s a collapsed building next to you. Bring your lying ass over here. We’re taking you to the Dominican Republic.”

They may also have slightly unrealistic expectations of Haitian jail conditions these days. A quote from the Grauniad article I linked above:

One of their lawyers said they were being treated poorly: “There is no air conditioning, no electricity. It is very disturbing,” Attorney Jorge Puello said by phone from the Dominican Republic, where the Baptists hoped to shelter the children in a rented beach hotel.

Dudes, you’re in jail. In Zanzibar I don’t have that stuff in my apartment *at all* anymore.