Very Childish Tittering at a Very Serious Issue

From our sexual innuendo department, a headline from Uganda’s Daily Monitor:


Uganda Monitor Headline 1

And what stimulated this statement of defiance? The proposed Anti-Homosexuality legislation, in which they propose a *minimum* sentence of life imprisonment for homosexual acts.

Well, at least no-one can accuse them of inconsistency.

(As an aside, I love the fact that this man is the ‘Minister for Ethics and Integrity’. What next, ‘Minister for General Awesomeness’?).

Unlikely enumeration

Stand up and be counted

Stand up and be counted

According to the BBC, the Kenyan government is planning to do a gay census. There’s just one tiny problem: homosexuality is illegal in Kenya, which, like most of the continent, is extremely hostile toward its gay population. This seems like it would be a difficult thing to pull off, although still highly useful information for those leading the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Strangely, the BBC story has a photo of two African men holding hands. Maybe they don’t realise that it’s actually not unusual for two men in East Africa to walk around holding hands (even if it is a bit shocking to a mzungu).