The Proven Mean Initiative (external validity edition)

What's the sex ratio in Malawi? We're not sure, but we *know* the sex ratio in Mozambique

Welcome to the Proven Mean Initiative (PMI), where we strive to bring you only the proven, true expected values of your variables of interest.

Want to know the true mean value of something? Wondering whether or not your assumptions about household consumption are correct?  Here at the Proven Mean Initiative, we have generated evidence for these important values through rigorous, randomized sampling in key locations of the world.

You might ask yourself “what is the mean income of the poor in Zambia?” Look below at our chart of results from our completed randomized surveys:

Want to know the life expectancy where you are? Well, we’ve got the life expectancy in Turkana (43) and Kathmandu (59.3)!

Here are PMI, we ask you to stop making potential hazardous policy decisions without knowing whether or not you know your assumptions about pertinent values have been put to the test. If no one has performed a rigorous, randomized survey on your variable of interest, then you should consider any estimates unproven, and shy away from any relevant policy decisions.

Latest news: two new studies undertaken PMI researchers has discovered that the female adult literacy rate in Eastern Ouagadougou is higher than the infant mortality rate.