Ropey use of picture editor notwithstanding…

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Here at Aid Thoughts, we tend to be on the cynical side of of the ‘blind optimism/dead-eyed cynicism’ divide that cleaves the development world (and there was a time when my professional responsibilities would not have prevented me from aiming a sharp, angry jab at certain famous development economists at this point).  One thing, though, that we have never disputed the value of, is having good, clever, questioning but ultimately hopeful people working day and night at unpicking all the difficult questions that we have to deal with on a daily basis.

So, it’s a pretty good thing that those four adjectives would be the first ones I choose when asked to describe Matt (well, okay, they’d come after ‘geek’ and ‘awesome’, but then they’re normally taken as read with him). So given that he’s got just 8 days before he submits his dphil and embarks on what will no doubt be a brilliant career, I’ve returned for one more Aid Thoughts post with a simple message for a change:

Matt, kick ass in your dphil and get a real job, you loafer. More people like you are needed.