Africa and poverty traps

We want people in Africa to climb the ladder of prosperity but of course when the bottom rungs of that ladder are broken by disease and preventable death on a massive scale, when countries can’t even get on the bottom rung of the growth ladder because one in seven of their children die before they reach their fifth birthday, we have to take urgent action.  We have to save lives and then we can help people to live.  So that’s where today’s announcement fits in.  Because there cannot really be any effective development – economic or political – while there are still millions of people dying unnecessarily.

Guess who said this (Hint: it isn’t Sachs) I think the moral case for preventing excess mortality is stronger than the argument that it is some sort of growth impediment. That said, it is difficult to consider growth sans improvements in mortality as development, but that isn’t what [insert name here] is arguing here.