Sound Familiar?

Unaccountable groups taking key decisions, such as whether or not to kill the alien.

"Unaccountable groups taking key decisions", such as whether or not to kill the alien.

The Guardian is carrying a great front page piece on an independent inquiry into the state of the UK’s education system. It quotes a section from the report that immediately transported me back to the world of aid. Substitute the word ‘educational’ below:

The report notes the questionable evidence on which some key educational policies have been based; the disenfranchising of local voice; the rise of unelected and unaccountable groups taking key decisions behind closed doors; the ’empty rituals’ of consultations; the authoritarian mindset, and the use of myth and derision to underwrite exaggerated accounts of progress and discredit alternative views.

You’ll have to excuse me now, as I must attend a consultation meeting in which pre-formed opinions will be strengthened, doublespeak will be spoken,  myths of astounding success will be perpetuated and we from the Ministry of Finance will be listened to politely, with no real effect on policy design.